Study Visa

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  1. The study visa shall be granted to the foreigners and their family who, having obtained the approval of Nepal Government, come to study, teach or conduct research in any educational institute in Nepal.
  2. Except for the foreigners who visit Nepal under the award of scholarship by Nepal Government or the accepted program of Nepal Government or Students and researcher under the agreement within the two universities or students from SAARC member states or students studying up to secondary level the foreigners intending to study and conduct research at their own will shall be granted the study visa only on the basis of the authentic source, in the case of the foreigner, to make expenses of at least three thousand American Dollars, grossly or on a monthly installment basis, per annum during their stay in Nepal, and in the case of their family, that of at least two thousand American Dollars per annum, or on the basis of the submission of a certificate of the exchange of foreign currency equivalent thereto or bank statement equivalent thereto.
  3. The study visa shall be granted for one year at a time. In cases the visa has to be granted for a period in excess thereof, the term of the visa may be extended by taking into consideration of the study and research progress report of such person, his activities as well as other necessary matters. Provided, however, that in the case of a researcher or student, such extension of the term shall be only for up to the Period of research or that of educational degree under study
  • Not withstanding anything written in clause (3), study visa may be granted to the student studying with technical subject, for total educational tenure of study.

        4. The recommendation of the Ministry of concerned has to be submitted for the study visa.

         An application for the study visa has to be submitted in the format as referred to in Appendix -2.


Description of Service & Facilities

Essential Document / Evidence

Fees to be charged

Duration to be taken

Responsible person & Section/ Sub Section / Unit

Officer to hear Complaints

Compensatory Provision



Study Visa

  1. Receipt of Online application Admission receipt from College / Univeristy
  2. Recommendation from Ministry of Education.
  3. Bank Statement (USD 3000 per year and in case of dependent USD 2000 per person per year) or receipt of exchange of equivalent currency or Nepalese currency.
  4. Copy of passport and recent Nepalese visa
  5. Work permit for Teacher / Workers
  6. Appointment letter / contract paper for teachers.
  • Students and Dependents
  • None Degree USD 50 per month per person
  • Degree Program USD 20 per month per person
  • Researcher & Teacher USD 40 per month

SAARC Countries

Sri Lanka & Pakistan Students

GRATIS, dependents USD 10 per month

Bangladesh USD 15 per year with MRE

Maldives USD 25 per year with MRE

Bhutan USD 10 per month with MRE


Application submitted before 13PM same day otherwise next day before 12 PM

Immigration Officer at Non Tourist Visa Section

Director/ Director General


(NRS 250-1,000)


(Direct Visa Link to Online application)