Non-Tourist Visa

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1. The following foreigners and their family members shall be granted the non-tourist visa.

- Foreigners involved in the social and economic development works approved by Nepal Government, under the expenses to be borne by governmental institutions of the foreign friendly nations;

- Foreigners having obtained recommendation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to work in the institutions run by the foreign missions located in Nepal,

- Foreign representatives having obtained recommendation from the Ministry of Information and Communications to work in foreign newspapers and news agencies,

- Foreigners having obtained recommendation from the concerned Ministry to act as helpers of the foreigners having obtained diplomatic or official visas,

- Foreigners having obtained approval from Nepal Government to work on remuneration basis in any firm, company, association, industry or enterprise within Nepal,

- Foreigners having obtained recommendation from the Ministry concerned to work in any international airlines organization located in Nepal,

- Foreign importer visiting Nepal from third country on the recommendation of foreign governmental agency or Federation of Industries and commerce or Chamber of Commerce of Foreign Country,

- Foreigners who have marital relation with the citizens of Nepal and furnish the marriage registration certificate.

- i) Foreigner of Nepalese origin or such children of a Nepalese father or mother, who have come Nepal to visit their relatives or Father, Mother, Brother or sister of the foreigner married with Nepalese citizen having recommendation letter of relationship from the concern embassy, who have come to Nepal to visit her/him.

- Foreigners who come to Nepal to work, on the recommendation of the concerned Ministry pursuant to an agreement or understanding agreed upon at governmental or non governmental level.

- Foreigners having obtained recommendation of the concerned Ministry to conduct feasibility study of an industry or enterprise for a period not exceeding 6 months. But the foreigner, according to this part, must submit the document of the source of investment, qualification of investor and details of experience along with the visa application form.

- Group leader of the foreigners making application, accompanied by the recommendation of the Ministry of concerned, for making the tourists’ tour in group in Nepal,

 - Foreigners who have obtained recommendation of the concerned Ministry and who have to come to work in Non-governmental organization as per the agreement concluded with Social Welfare Council or concerned Ministry.

- Such foreigners as may be thought fit by Nepal Government.

2. The non tourist visa shall be issued for a period not exceeding one year at a time, and its term may be extended as per necessity.

3.  An application has to be submitted in the format as referred to in Appendix 2 to obtain the non tourist visa. Provided, however, that the foreigners referred to in cause (h) of sub rule (1) are required to submit an application in the format as referred to in Appendix 2 (a).


Description of Service & Facilities

Essential Document / Evidence

Fees to be charged

Duration to be taken

Responsible person & Section/ Sub Section / Unit

Officer to hear Complaints

Compensatory Provision



Non Tourist Visa

  1. Receipt of Online Application.
  2. Work permit/labour permit
  3. Recommendation from concerned Ministry
  4. Copy of passport and recent Nepalese visa
  5. NT (RELATION) VISA - Application from Nepalese relative, copy of relationship certificate and citizenship certificate of Nepalese relative (for Nepalese Origin) Or Nepali Spouse's relatives and others Relationship Certificate from concerned Embassy / Mission
  6. NT (Marriage Visa) : Marriage certificate and Citizenship certificate of Nepalese spouse.
  7. NT (Press) Visa : Press Representative Certificate and recommendation from Dept. of Information

USD 60 per month for first year and USD 60 for next year


Nepalese currency equivalent to USD 20 per month for work permit holder (Chinese) between GoN or its Organization or Business organization establish before 1989.



Nepalese origin foreigners USD 5 per month,

Other relations USD 15


- USD 10 per month


- USD 10 per month

Applicaiton submitted before 13 PM on same day otherwise next day before 12PM

Immigration Officer at Non Tourist Visa Section

 Director/ Director General



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