Non-residential Nepali Visa

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1. If any foreigner of Nepalese origin residing in foreign country wish to reside or conduct business, profession or Study, teach in any subject in Nepal, non-residential Nepalese visa may be issued to him and of his family.

2. An application in the format under Appendix 3a may be submitted through Nepalese mission located in the foreign country or directly to the Department for the visa pursuant to Sub-rule (1).

3. The visa pursuant to Sub-rule (1) may be issued for up to 10 years at one time, and such visa may be extended as per necessity.

4. The format of non-residential Nepalese visa shall be under Appendix 3b.


Description of Service & Facilities

Essential Document / Evidence

Fees to be charged

Duration to be taken

Responsible person & Section/ Sub Section / Unit

Officer to hear Complaints

Compensatory Provision



Non Residential Nepalese VISA

  1. Passport
  2. Copy of relationship certificate or recommendation from Nepalese Embassy or Mission
  3. Health certificate
  4. Copy of passport and recent Nepalese visa
  5. for Non residential Nepalese student visa, recommendation letter of the educational institute in Nepal

Nepalese currency equivalent to USD 100 per year with MRE

Student obtaining NRN study visa USD 25 per year with MRE

Next day of the date on which approval of the Home Ministry is obtained / the same day in case of renewal

Immigration Officer at Non Tourist Visa Section

 Director/ Director General



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